Giacinto Occhionero's paintings include naturalistic, neon, and metallic colors that cascade as particles in an imagined atmosphere.  He creates each work in a process of reverse painting on plexiglass, tapping the nozzle of spray cans to release paint onto the surface in overlapping circles.  Rips, fissures, and tiny holes appear as painted elements held back from the eye by a glossy partition.  As the artist describes to critic Alan Jones, "At a certain point I got rid of the canvas completely.  My perfectionist attitude kept me from ever being altogether satisfied, because having the canvas to work on permitted you to impose additional elements.  Back-painted plexi saturated itself with color and, when that happens, it's finished."  Giacinto Occhionero lives and works in Rome, Italy.  He was born in Campobasso in 1975 and attended the Accademia delle belle arti in Rome. His works have been exhibited at Kristen Lorello, NY, the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudegno, Torino, Italy, and 68 Projects, Berlin, Germany, among other venues.  Collections include the Capital Group, Los Angeles, CA, and the Collezione Banca Profilo, Milan, Italy.